Export of goods

Export of goods

What is the export of goods?

The export of goods is considered as one of the important economic activities, which has been the focus of various societies for the growth and development of the country's economy. Export of goods literally means the transfer of goods from the country of origin to the country of destination, but in the process of commercial affairs, export of goods means the removal of goods from the customs department of the country of origin to be sent to the country of destination. Therefore, when this transfer of goods is done in accordance with the legal aspects and through the legal path of the two countries, and of course, all related tariffs and duties have been paid, the seller of the goods from the country of origin is considered as the exporter and the buyer of the goods located in the destination country is considered as the importer.

One of the most important methods of increasing national gross domestic product is export of goods. We should also know that the export of goods is considered very important in the global markets and will be very profitable for the exporting company or individual. However, if basic points are not observed in the export of goods, it will cause financial and human capital to be wasted.

Export of goods has different types and it can be classified into two types, direct and indirect. The first step and perhaps the most important step in exporting goods is marketing. Both the export of goods and imports Like any other work, it requires knowledge, awareness and expertise. If you don't know what to do to start and you are looking to collect information, contact us.

All kinds of goods export:

1.Direct export of goods

When the produced goods are sent without intermediaries, it can be said that the goods have been exported directly. Generally, exporting companies or individuals export goods directly for the first time.

Advantages of exporting goods directly

  1. Increase sales and gain more profit
  2. Establishing business connections and international networking
  3. Entering the global market
  4. Branding for the company
  5. Public sector support
  6. Increasing product variety

Disadvantages of the direct method in exporting goods

  1. Government interventions and currency fluctuations can have a devastating effect on an exporter's income.
  2. Problems of receiving money from abroad in the conditions of embargo
  3. The need to obtain multiple certificates for the export of all kinds of goods, as well as the presence of high customs tariffs
  4. Spend more money
  5. Need more time

2.Exporting goods in an indirect way

In this method, unlike the direct method, an intermediary is used. Individuals export with the help of commercial companies, and the individual or company entrusts the process of the export contract to another company. The profit obtained from the export is divided between the intermediary and the exporter with an agreed percentage.

Advantage‎ Indirect method:

  1. Spend less money
  2. No need for legal permits
  3. Avoid trial and error
  4. Use the experiences of others

Disadvantages of the indirect method:

  1. Earn less profit
  2. Lack of direct interaction with the customer
  3. Not having control over the price of goods

Steps to export goods:

  1. Provision of export infrastructure
  2. Obtaining legal permits
  3. Determination of export strategy and export market research
  4. Competitor analysis and product engineering
  5. Improving the quality of goods for export
  6. Creating a competitive advantage
  7. Global brand registration
  8. Evaluation and advertising in the target country
  9. Investigating the infrastructure of currency transfer from exports
  10. Performing customs formalities

Export marketing methods and tools

  1. External sites:

B2B sites are usually used to find real buyers. It is very necessary for any exporter to have a list of these foreign sites and to register in them. In internet searches, we can find a list of export marketing sites and register. To use the information and reports of some of these sites, you must buy a subscription from them. One of the ways to export and sell products is to use websites.

  1. Participation in business events:

Exhibitions and events are held to introduce companies and their services and products. These events can be product-oriented to introduce the products of a specific field or country. The information and dates of these exhibitions are announced on reliable websites.

  1. Joint Chamber of Commerce of Iran and destination country:

Another way to facilitate the export of goods is to benefit from joint chambers of commerce. The Chamber of Commerce generally organizes meetings, conferences and seminars in various fields of goods export.

market research

Every business is formed based on a need, regardless of size and type, and it continues its way based on that need. Identifying and examining these needs in order to export goods is the goal of market research. To start a business, the best suggestion is to find the needs and focus on them. Even after the business is established, efforts should always be made to identify new needs and respond to them. Over time, customer expectations may change and we need to create new products or make small changes to existing products. Business owners always need to check the customers' opinion about their products and services and its market measurement.

What is market research?

Market research does not only have a specific method or the use of a specific tool, but it refers to all processes related to market research; which they do to obtain information about business customers, the target market and to identify the customers' buying behavior as accurately and intelligently as possible.

In this article, we tried to explain the steps of exporting goods in general and in as much detail as possible. But be careful that only knowing these steps is not enough, because it is always necessary to have the experience of doing these important economic activities and get to know them practically. Contact our experts for advice on exporting goods.


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