One of the concerns of people who intend to travel or migrate abroad is passenger freight. Many people want to send them to the destination country, with the highest quality and the lowest cost, due to their attachment and interest in their personal items or home items. Among the questions that arise in this field, such as; What can be sent? How much luggage can you take with you? How to send your cargo? What are the shipping costs? And to whom should you entrust your freight?

In this article, we have tried to share with you more information about freight and everything related to this topic.

What is freight?

Freight, which is also synonymous with the words cargo, cartage, literally means carrying cargo. In the transportation industry, it means sending and transporting cargo by air, land and sea. In general, the term "freight cargo" refers to sending air freight to foreign countries, unaccompanied, which can be done in various ways according to its type, destination and amount.

What makes passenger cargo important and important is its affordable price compared to passenger cargo. Passengers can transfer their excess luggage to the airport before traveling by air and send their luggage to the desired destination by air at a small cost.

The freight category can be done to all countries. Countries like; American Freight, Canada Freight, UK freight, German freight, , UK freight, German freight,, Turkey Freight, Emirates Freight, France Freight, Sweden Freight, Qatar Freight, Oman freight, Norwegian freight and...

Freight or passenger overload?

The best alternative to passenger overload is freight. In Freight Bar, you can send any amount of cargo you have at a much lower cost than passenger overload. It should be noted that your cargo should not be part of the unauthorized goods in freight cargo. As you know from the rules and regulations of the airlines, the passengers of the air flights are faced with restrictions from the airline companies to carry their luggage and usually the airlines charge high costs for the extra luggage of the passengers. Passengers are charged a fine for carrying excess luggage. But the freight process is not like this. A person can go to the cargo terminal of the airport before the flight and send his cargo to the desired destination with an amount much lower than the additional charges.

Documents required for freight

You must bring the following documents for freight from the airport freight section (for example, Imam Khomeini Airport or Dastghib ​​Airport in Shiraz):

  • National card
  • Passport
  • Copy of travel ticket

Freight steps

The stages of the freight process are:

  1. Going to the customs where you want to transfer the cargo and getting a freight license
  2. Cargo packing: One of the most important parts of air cargo shipping is cargo packing and preparation. Pack your belongings in the best possible way to prevent them from being damaged during transit. Therefore, it is better to pack your goods with cardboard, if possible, 5-layer cardboard, cellophane, bubble wrap, firmly with patience.
  3. Carrying the cargo to the customs evaluation circle and performing the initial customs procedures
  4. Receiving a letter from the Iranian customs and going to the offices of air cargo transportation companies to prepare a bill of lading and a cargo tag
  5. Refer to security to confirm and check and stick the cargo tag on the goods and equipment

These steps are time-consuming and complicated, and we suggest you to use the services of the company to carry out the air freight process Sepehr Bar Sahand get help For more information, you can contact the experienced and specialized experts of Sepehr Bar Sahand Company to provide you with the necessary advice.


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