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Obtaining all government and non-government documents in accordance with the laws of the destination country is provided as a complete package.

According to the conditions and laws of the destination country, sending the pet can be done in two ways, with or without a companion (cargo).

Getting the rabies titer test from the laboratory approved by the destination country in the shortest time and from the most reliable centers

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Offering a package of zero to one hundred steps

تیتر هاری

دریافت آزمایش تیتر هاری

ارسال حیوان زنده

Issuance of bill of lading and cargo


Free expert advice

حیوان زنده

Preparation of all documents

ارسال گربه

دریافت مجوز ورود مقصد

pet shipping

Carrying out airport affairs

Sending pet (transferring pet) to different countries of the world according to the destination country, airline and breed of animals has different rules and regulations that this process needs to go through different steps and prepare different documents. It is possible to send your beloved animals to all parts of the world in two ways, with and without a companion (cargo/freight). Sepehr Bar Sahand team with experienced experts step by step according to the conditions of each country and airline to obtain all the required documents and rabies titer test from the approved laboratories of the destination country and they will support you full time until the completion of the travel process. Was. To check safe travel conditions for your loved ones, contact our experts.

Sending live animals by air requires having sufficient knowledge and awareness, specialized bedding and how to send pets by plane. The presence of experienced specialists and experts in Sepehr Bar Sahand Company has made pets to be safely and healthily transported by the air transportation system and sent to your desired destination with the least stress and worry.

General rules and tips for sending pet by air:

It is forbidden to close the collar when sending the pet inside the box.

For long distance travel and long transit time, make sure there is enough food in the box.

The sender is obliged to give the pet light food a few hours before the flight. In case of long transit and flight time, the cage should have a compartment for placing extra food for the length of the journey, and this should be reported to the airline company for the relevant arrangements.

You should buy the box a few times before the flight and let the pet get used to it.

In case of sending by cargo, the details of the person receiving the pet at the destination airport should be included in the bill of lading so that he can be contacted when he arrives at the destination.

The exit of certain and endangered species of animals and birds requires approval from the Environmental Protection Organization, and its entry requires approval from the country of origin.

Choosing a pet box is one of the most important parts of your pet's journey. First, the pet should be able to stand comfortably in the box without its head touching the ceiling of the cage, be able to walk around the cage easily, and sleep comfortably in the cage. And the strength of the cage ensures the safety of your pet during the trip. (This generally has the same conditions for dog boxes, cat boxes, etc., but be sure to contact our experts before taking any action to prepare a box.)

For example, the size and dimensions of external boxes 

SIZE 1- 48*32*31 CM  SIZE 2 - 55*36*35 CM

SIZE 3 - 60*40*39 CM  SIZE 4 - 70*52*50 CM

SIZE 5 - 81*62*60 CM  SIZE 6 - 92*68*64 CM

SIZE 7 - 102*77*73 CM  SIZE 8 - 118*81*81 CM

Sending a pet creates different conditions according to the laws of the destination country and the conditions of the pet owner. There are sometimes restrictions for sending dogs according to their breed, but in most cases, it is possible to transport dogs to all parts of the world by obtaining all the necessary certificates. It is acceptable, so provide the best travel experience for your pet by consulting and checking all the rules and details.

In the field of sending live animals, the laws of the countries and the Irish are changing every day, and not being aware of these changes creates many problems for the pet owner, so we recommend that you consult with experienced experts in this field before doing anything. and gain enough knowledge in this field, for example, in the field of sending cats, the types of prohibited breeds are different according to the supply of oxygen, etc., and the transportation of certain cats requires different conditions.

This is the best place to get guidance and do all the things related to sending your dear pet, due to the great experience and knowledge, along with the complete services in the field of sending pets, it has the ability to provide the best services and prepare all the required documents in this field. We can provide the best travel experience for your loved ones.