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Freight to Turkiye

می‌توانید از طریق شرکت‌ حمل و نقل بین‌المللی سپهربار سهند یا شرکت‌های فریت بار موجود در ترکیه، ارسال فریت بار به مقصد مورد نظر خود را انجام دهید. برای این کار می‌توانید از اینترنت و سایت‌های مربوطه استفاده کرده و یا به صورت مستقیم با شرکت‌های حمل و نقل تماس بگیرید. قبل از ارسال Freight It is better to get enough information about the laws and regulations related to export and import to the desired country, so as not to encounter any problems in this field.

Also, to send freight to Turkey, you need to prepare the required documents. These documents include the cargo insurance policy, cargo shipping invoice, goods purchase invoice (if shipping is done for the purchase of goods), bill of lading certificate and value added tax certificate. Also, if the packaging of the goods is not done correctly and the goods are damaged, you must bear the responsibility for these damages. In addition, there are restrictions and prohibitions for sending some goods to Turkey. For example, some goods that may be part of the category for Turkey dangerous goods Also, animal and plant products cannot enter Turkey without proper license and certificate. Therefore, before sending freight to Turkey, it is better to consult with the shipping company or international shipping consultants of Sepehrbar Sahand and carefully prepare and send all the required documents.

Shipping methods to Türkiye

  1. Shipping by air: This method is used to send cargo quickly and with high quality. You can use the services of international airlines that send freight packages to Turkey.
  2. Shipping by ship: This shipping method is used with a lower cost but with a longer delivery time. Generally, very large cargoes are moved in this way.
  3. Shipping by car: This method is used for shipping small and retail packages.
  4. Sending by train: This method is used to send heavy and bulky packages.

Each of these methods has advantages and disadvantages and should be chosen depending on your needs. You should also pay attention to the regulations and restrictions related to international export and import and obtain the necessary documents and permits to send freight packages to Turkey.

Freight procedures to Türkiye

  1. انتخاب شرکت حمل و نقل بین المللی: ابتدا باید یک شرکت حمل و نقل بین المللی مانند شرکت سپهربار سهند را انتخاب کنید، که با دانش و تجربه کافی در این زمینه بتواند کالای شما را با امنیت کامل به ترکیه ارسال کند. در این مرحله، باید با توجه به قیمت، کیفیت، سابقه کاری و نظرات مشتریان شرکت‌های مختلف را مقایسه کنید و بهترین را برای خود انتخاب کنید.
  2. Cargo packing: Your cargo must be properly packed so that it is not damaged during transportation. The packaging must be such as to protect against possible shocks and vibrations during transportation. Also, if needed, you should leave documents related to the cargo with it.
  3. Determining the weight and dimensions of the cargo: To send cargo to Turkey, you must determine the weight and dimensions of the cargo so that the international shipping company can calculate the shipping cost for you.
  4. تعیین روش حمل و نقل: بعد از تعیین وزن و ابعاد بار، باید روش حمل و نقل بار را تعیین کنید. معمولاً برای حمل و نقل فریت به ترکیه از راه دریایی و هوایی استفاده می‌شود.
  5. Preparing the required documents: Before sending the cargo to Turkey, you must prepare the required documents. These documents include invoice, bill of lading, export license and value added certificate (if necessary).
  6. Payment of the shipping fee: After determining the cost, you can pay the shipping fee to the international shipping company. This cost includes shipping, insurance and export taxes.
  7. Shipment: After all the above steps, your shipment is ready to be sent to Turkey. The international shipping company can deliver your cargo to Turkey.
  8. Cargo tracking: After sending the cargo, you can contact the international shipping company and find out about the status of your cargo. You can also check the status of the cargo through the website or application of the shipping company using your waybill number.

In general, to send freight cargo to Turkey, it is necessary to pay attention to the details related to the packaging, the weight and dimensions of the cargo, the necessary documents and the cost of transportation. By following these steps, you can send your cargo to Türkiye.

Freight cost to Türkiye

به طور کلی، برای تعیین هزینه حمل بار به ترکیه، باید با Sepehrbar Sahand International Transport Company تماس بگیرید و جزئیات بار خود را اعلام کنید، تا بتوانند به شما یک تخمین قیمت دقیق بدهند. تعیین هزینه فریت بار به ترکیه، نیاز به داشتن اطلاعات دقیقی درباره وزن و ابعاد بسته های شما و همچنین مبدأ و مقصد شما داریم. هزینه فریت بار به ترکیه بستگی به عوامل مختلفی از جمله وزن بسته، ابعاد بسته، نوع بسته، مسیر حمل و نوع خدمات حمل و نقل است. به طور کلی، شرکت های حمل و نقل بین المللی معمولاً با توجه به وزن بسته و نوع خدمات حمل و نقل، هزینه های مشخصی برای Freight تعیین می کنند. علاوه بر این، برخی از شرکت های حمل و نقل ممکن است هزینه های اضافی را نیز برای خدماتی مانند بسته بندی، بیمه، و یا اخذ مجوزهای لازم برای صادرات به کشورهای خارجی، اعمال کنند.

Loads are divided into four categories based on weight:

  • Loads up to 45 kg
  • Between 45 and 100 kg
  • Between 100 and 300 kg
  • Loads weighing more than 300 kg

Necessary documents for passenger freight to Türkiye

برای فرستادن بار مسافری به ترکیه به صورت فریت، شما باید به مقصد خود توجه کنید و از مقامات محلی برای دقیق‌ترین مشخصات مورد نیاز سؤال کنید. اما در کل، برای فرستادن بار به ترکیه، به مدارک زیر نیاز خواهید داشت:

  1. Original invoice for your goods
  2. Valuable invoice of your goods
  3. Export license for some specific goods
  4. Certificate of origin of your goods
  5. Certificate of movement of your goods

Other documents may also be required for the entry of your goods into Turkey, depending on the type and volume of your cargo. To ensure that you have all the necessary documents, it is better to contact the carrier of your goods and ask them for a detailed list of the necessary documents.

Clearance and receipt of goods at Turkish customs

After your cargo arrives at the Turkish customs, you must first prepare the cargo clearance report. Then, by referring to the Turkish customs system at www.gtb.gov.tr, you can proceed to prepare the cargo clearance invoice and financial payment report. In the following, you must submit the documents required for cargo clearance, including the bill of lading, purchase invoices and other documents related to the cargo, along with the report of the cargo clearance meeting to the customs. After reviewing the documents and determining the relevant taxes and duties, you must pay the determined amount in order for your cargo to be cleared. After paying taxes and duties, your cargo is cleared from Turkish customs and you can receive it. It should be noted that the cargo clearance fee is determined based on the type of cargo and the amount of taxes and duties and may be added to your cargo transportation cost as an additional cost.

Freight to Turkey is one of the fastest ways to send goods. For advice and information on how to do freight to Turkey with experts Sepehrbar Sahand در تماس باشید. همچنین این شرکت خدمات Freight to UAE، Freight to Russia، Freight to Qatar و… را نیز ارائه می دهد.


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