فریت بار به روسیه

Freight to Russia

What is freight?

Freight Derived from the Latin word (Freight) and its synonym (cargo Cargo) and means cargo, nowadays in the transportation industry, freight freight means sending cargo by air, sea and land. Freight cargo has various shapes and is one of the best ways to transfer excess travel cargo at a lower cost; Also, people who intend to emigrate or students can send their cargo as soon as possible in this Roshan a few days before and after reaching the destination, they can pick up their cargo with the bill of lading in hand. The method of sending freight cargo is available by air with a cargo plane, by sea with a cargo ship, and by land in the form of trucks and trains.

Freight to Russia

One of the major problems of those who intend to immigrate or study in another country is carrying their necessary equipment. In general, each person can take limited items with him on a passenger plane, and he has to pay more for his extra baggage, this is where freight freight comes to your aid. In this way, you can quickly move your goods by air, sea or land by spending less time and money, for this you can contact the reliable airlines that operate in this field. Sepehr Bar Sahand International Transport Company With an experienced staff and a team of excellent consultants and experts, it provides the best services in the shortest possible time to your loved ones. For information on the latest customs and international laws of the countries, as well as the permitted goods for freight, contact our consultants.

Freight cost to Russia

هزینه های Freight مسافری بسته به مالیات، عوارض کمرگی و حتی شرکت فریت بار متغیر است و به عوامل مختلفی بستگی دارد؛ اما به طور کلی هزینه فریت بار اینگونه محاسبه می گردد:

  • Weight and volume of cargo
  • The distance between the country of origin and destination
  • The method of sending cargo and how it includes air, sea and land
  • tax
  • The type of goods, such as dangerous goods that have special packaging
  • The cost of packing and shipping the cargo to the airport or the place of loading
  • bill of lading fee
  • The cost of customs procedures
  • Loading and warehousing cost

Shipping price to Russian cities

The cost of sending cargo to different cities in Russia is different and depends on various factors, such as the distance and the type of airline, because each city does not fly with the same lines. In case of any questions and knowledge of tariffs, contact our consultants.

Freight to all Russian cities

Sending your freight to all Russian cities (Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod, Samara, Kazan, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Rostov-on-Don, Ufa, Volgograd, Perm, Krasnoyarsk, Voronezh, Saratov, Tolyati, Krasnodar, Izhevsk, Yaroslavl) is done in the shortest time and with high security by Sepehr Bar Sahand Transport Company.

Some of the most important cities, airports and ports of Russia

Unauthorized goods freight to Russia

Dangerous goods They are said to be items that carry hidden risks, and according to international laws, shipping them as freight is prohibited. Such as: cosmetics containing alcohol, pressurized sprays, perfumes, etc., under pressurized liquids, batteries, cartridges, devices with lithium-ion batteries such as laptops, phones, tablets, and lithium-ion batteries themselves, etc.; Medicines, pressure gauges, mercury thermometers, explosive and flammable materials, radioactive materials, household chemicals such as powders and detergents, disinfectants, etc. 

Steps and methods of shipping freight to Russia

  • Contact the consultants of Sepehr Bar Sahand Company

The first step to shipping freight to Russia is to have full knowledge of the conditions. Knowing what type of cargo you have, for example, prohibited or dangerous goods, whether the goods are allowed or not, customs and international laws of each country, as well as checking related costs, shipping and packaging methods, etc. We will be with you in all stages of sending your cargo, from your intention to the delivery of the cargo.

  • Freight packing

One of the most important stages of shipping freight to Russia is its safe packaging. Because without proper packaging, your product will be damaged and you will end up suffering a loss.

A basic and correct packaging is of high quality, all kinds of bumpers and protectors, correct and appropriate arrangement, as well as the use of wooden or metal boxes.

  • Documents required for freight

برای ارسال فریت بار مسافری به روسیه داشتن مدارکی زیر الزامی است:

  • Original and copy of consignor's passport and national card
  • Complete address of sender and recipient
  • Copy or original of the plane ticket
  • Packing list of loads and items in it
  • Completing the relevant forms

Also, the following documents are required to send commercial cargo to Russia:

  • Letter of introduction from the company or business card for sending commercial cargo to Russia
  • Obtaining an export license
  • Your existing loads or packing list
  • Invoice
  • Having the necessary permits

Some goods require special licenses depending on the nature and type of packaging, such as: cosmetic products, if you do not have a license for certain goods, there will be a problem and a company will not cooperate with you.

  • Carrying out freight customs duties

اموری که به منظور تحویل و ترخیص بار در فرودگاه دو کشور انجام می شود، تشریفات گمرکی نام دارد؛ برای اینکه هزینه انبار­داری برای شما حساب نشود تا 48 ساعت فرصت دارید بار خود را ترخیص کنید. برای این منظور باید تمامی مدارک کامل باشد تا هنگام چک کردن گمرک به مشکلی برنخورید و مراحلی مانند: وزن کردن بار، تایید و اصالت کالا، ارزیابی توسط مامور گمرکی، تطابق اسناد و مدارک جهت خروج قانونی بار را انجام دهید.

  • Issuance of bill of lading and freight insurance policy of Russia

صدور بارنامه جهت کنترل اجناس ثبت شده ارسالی و تطابق با بارنامه است که پس از پرداخت صورت­ حساب، بار آماده تحویل به شرکت هواپیمایی می شود.

  • Cargo inspection

The X-ray check and label is one of the things that is checked before the cargo is delivered to the airline, in this section, all the customer's information, including the exact name and address, phone number, is included in the program, and each bill of lading is assigned an exclusive 11-digit number.

  • Valid insurance policy

The insurance policy is issued according to the value of your cargo, according to the value of your cargo, you will need a valid international insurance policy that is translated and issued according to your goods. The necessity of this work is to prevent possible damages.

  • Track and support cargo to destination

Now you can track the status of your cargo with the bill of lading number or through Sepehrbar company.

در این مقاله سعی بر توضیح جامع و پاسخ به سوالات شما در مورد روش و مراحل ارسال Freight به روسیه بود. جهت تسریع ارسال بار خود به روسیه و یا در صورت داشتن هرگونه سوال و ابهام با Sepehrbar Sahand International Company تماس حاصل نمایید. همچنین این شرکت خدمات Freight to Canada، Freight to UAE، فریت بار به آلمان و… را نیز ارائه می دهد.


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