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If you are planning to immigrate, start a business or send cargo to Italy, you are advised to stay with us until the end of this article and use freight services to Italy. Sepehr Bar Sahand استفاده نمایید.

What is freight to Italy?

Italy freight is one of the methods of sending goods to Italy, which many companies are engaged in this field. One of the top companies that does this best is Sepehr Bar Sahand Co is.
استفاده از خدمات فریت بار مزایای بسیار زیادی را دارد. با استفاده از Freight، مرسوله شما در کمترین زمان و با بهترین امنیت و همچنین کمترین هزینه به مقصد خواهد رسید. خدمات فریت بار بیشتر مناسب بارهای بزرگ و حجیم بوده، ولی شما می توانید بارهای کوچکتر را نیز با استفاده از فریت بار به ایتالیا ارسال نمایید.
If you are planning to send your cargo or parcel to Italy, it is better to contact the experts now Sepehr Bar Sahand International Transport Company Call.

Freight methods to Italy

There are many different ways to send cargo to Italy, and you can choose the best method according to the type of cargo and shipment and your needs.

Sending cargo by air:

One of the most common ways to send cargo to Italy from Iran is to send cargo by plane, which will deliver your cargo to your destination as quickly as possible.

Shipment by ship:

Another way to send cargo to Italy is to use sea routes. In this way, cargo ships will transport your cargo to Italian ports. This method is more suitable for bulky and large loads.
There are other ways to send cargo to Italy, such as using trains and trucks, which are also fast and economical. Choosing the best shipping method depends on various things such as shipping cost, type of cargo, delivery time, etc. To choose the best way to transport your cargo to Italy, it is suggested that you contact Sepehr Bar Sahand and consult with our experts.

Freight steps to Italy

Advice for freight:

The first step of sending cargo to Italy is consultation and planning. At this stage, you should tell freight companies such as Sepehr Bar Sahand about the type of cargo, the desired cost, and other things, so that they can offer you the best transportation methods.

Cargo packing:

Another step that is very important in freight is proper packaging. At this stage, your cargo should be properly packed so that it does not suffer possible damage and your cargo reaches its destination more safely.
You can also use packaging services Sepehr Bar Sahand Co also use

Cargo delivery to transport companies:

At this stage, your cargo will be handed over to the shipping company to be shipped to Italy after loading by ship, plane, etc.

Delivery of goods to the recipient:

After sending the cargo by the shipping company and reaching its destination, Italy, it is time to deliver it to the recipient.

Customs clearance:

If your cargo does not want to be cleared by customs, you must do the customs. This stage includes document approval, payment of customs fees and duties.
Choosing a good freight company can make these steps easier for you and speed up your work. Sepehr Bar Sahand Co With years of experience in this field, it can be one of your best options in sending cargo to Italy.

Documents required for freight to Italy

The documents required to send each cargo or consignment are different depending on its type, so you are advised to consult with international shipping companies such as Sepehr Bar Sahand before shipping to Italy. But in general, the required documents are as follows.

  • Shipping invoice
  • Policy
  • Customs declaration
  • Certificate of Origin
  • A health certificate that is mostly used for domestic and food products
  • Special permits are also required for some cargoes, such as chemical products

Before shipping to Italy, be sure to check the required documents carefully so that you don't get into trouble in this process.

Freight cost to Italy

هزینه Freight به ایتالیا نیز با توجه به بار و مرسوله شما متفاوت است و به صورت دقیق نمی توان قیمتی را مشخص کرد، اما به طور کلی هزینه فریت بار به ایتالیا به مواردی چون حجم بسته، نوع بار، نوع حمل و نقل، مسافت بین مبدا و مقصد، هزینه های گمرکی، مالیات ها و غیره است و برخی شرکت ها هم ممکن است بابت بسته بندی و انبارداری هزینه بیشتری از شما بگیرند.

Prohibited goods for Italian freight

In any country, some goods may have restrictions due to their nature and characteristics, and this rule also applies to Italy. These restrictions are usually due to health, security, environmental, etc. issues.
Italy has prepared a list for its prohibited products, some of the most important of which are listed below:
Drugs, all kinds of weapons, explosive goods, dangerous animals and plants, and rotten and unhealthy food are part of this list. For more detailed information about prohibited goods in Italy, be sure to contact our consultants.

Why Sepehr Bar Sahand Company?

Use of Services Sepehr Bar Sahand Co It has many advantages. In fact, our company will fully accompany you in this process and deliver your cargo to Italy with the highest speed and safety and the lowest possible cost. Also, Sepehr Bar Sahand Company provides additional services such as packaging, product insurance, customs matters and the possibility of tracking the shipment. With years of experience, this company has become one of the best companies in international transportation.


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