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Freight to Canada

اگر به هر طریق قصد دارید به کانادا مهاجرت کنید، یا می خواهید وسایل خود را ارسال کنید و یا محموله ای از کشور کانادا به مقصد ایران را دارید، برای ارسال یا دریافت وسایل خود نیاز نیست نگران باشید. Sepehrbar Sahand Co به شما کمک می کند تا بسته های خود را از مقصد ایران به کانادا و بلعکس، با بهترین هزینه، آسان ترین راه و شرایط مطمئن دریافت کنید. ضمناً این نوید را به شما می دهیم که صفر تا صد فریت بار شما به کانادا را به بهترین نحو انجام دهیم.

در این صفحه، ما اطلاعات کاملی در خصوص Freight به کانادا را در اختیار شما قرار می دهیم.

Freight steps to Canada

  • Contact Sepehrbar Sahand International Company and free consultation with our experts
  • Coordination to receive cargo in Iran
  • Basic and standard packaging for freight to Canada
  • Obtaining the necessary permits
  • Preparation and completion of freight documents
  • Performing customs formalities and procedures
  • Issuance of bill of lading and insurance policy
  • Shipping to Canada
  • Online tracking of cargo shipped to Canada
  • Customs clearance in Canada

Documents required for freight to Canada

  •  A copy of the back and on the national card of the sender in Iran
  • A copy of the first page of the sender's passport in Iran
  • Sender's address and contact number in Iran
  • A copy of the recipient's passport image in Canada
  • The address and contact number of the recipient of the cargo in Canada
  • Sender and recipient email address
  • List of shipped goods

Note: If the goods you send are commercial, the invoice or Invoice Goods will also be required in the list of documents.

Freight cost to Canada

The cost of freight to Canada varies depending on which Canadian city you plan to send your cargo to. The cost of shipping to Canadian cities such as: Toronto, Quebec, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Halifax, Regina, etc. is different from each other. Because the flight of each of these cities is done by different airlines; And also the distance of each of these cities has an effect on the shipping price. In order for you to be able to manage the cost of freight to Canada for your shipment, you need information and knowledge, you can contact our colleagues to help you in this matter.

What factors affect the shipping cost?

  • Weight and dimensions of the product or goods
  • Distance to destination
  • Product Type
  • Laws of countries of origin and destination
  • Service companies

The difference in the cost of freight to Canada by plane and ship

Generally, costs are lower in the sea method than in the air method. People who don't have a lot of things can use airfreight to get their things to their destination sooner. Also, people who have a large size or a large number and want to freight, it is better to send their cargo by ship. Although this method is longer, it costs less and is more economical for them.

List of international airports in Canada

Airport code City  Airport name
YYZ Toronto Pearson International Airport
YUL Montreal Montreal-Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport
YVR Vancouver Vancouver International Airport
YOW Ottawa McDonald-Cartier Ottawa International Airport
YYC calgary Calgary International Airport
YWG Winnipeg Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport
YXE Saskatoon Saskatoon International Airport John G. Diefenbaker

Important Canadian ports for shipment

  • port of vancouver
  • Port of Montreal
  • Port of Prince Rupert
  • Halifax Harbour
  • Port of Saint John
  • Bender Toronto

Goods prohibited for shipment to Canada

کالاهای ممنوعه زیر به هیچ عنوان و تحت هیچ شرایطی نمی توانند به کانادا وارد شوند:

  • The following goods cannot be imported into Canada under any circumstances:
  • Dangerous toys
  • Clothes that are made of dog or cat skin
  • Meat products (dried, fresh or canned) or anything containing meat products
  • Fruit juice
  • soup
  • Domestic birds from countries and regions affected by avian influenza subtype
  • curry leaves and special flowers from Argentina, Africa, Brazil, Italy, France, Mali, Mauritius, Portugal and Uruguay
  • Some dry spices such as: lemon, orange, lime, barberry
  • The leaves of some citrus fruits
  • Some aquatic species such as oysters, crabs, live Asian carp
  • Milk (dry, frozen or fresh) and dairy products from other countries
  • Legumes and products containing them
  • Baked products containing any type of meat
  • Fruits and vegetables that do not have commercial packaging
  • bed
  • toy
  • Children's pajamas
  • hockey hat
  • Lighters, matches, ammunition, electronic cigarettes
  • Medical thermometer or barometer

Rules for bringing medicine into Canada

  • The amount of medicine you bring to Canada must be according to your needs, otherwise it is for personal use only.
  • Report the names of all the medicines you have with you to the customs officer and make sure that the medicines are not without name and label and that they have not been shaken from their original containers.
  • It is better to have a doctor's prescription for the medicines, because it means that these medicines are necessary for your health.
  • The packaging of the medicine you carry with you must belong to the medicine box itself, that is, do not put the medicine in another container so that it is not considered as an unknown medicine.

Reliable company for freight to Canada

It is very important to choose a shipping company for freight to Canada. In order to send your items to Canada, you need to get help from a company that is an expert in this area and can easily ship your goods. In fact, if you want to take on all the responsibilities and tasks necessary for the freight process yourself, you will get into trouble, and because you do not have enough experience for this work, there is a high probability that you will get into trouble.

برای فریت بار به کانادا یا ارسال هوایی بار به کانادا بهتر است برای شرکت مورد اعتماد خود وقت بگذارید. شرکت سپهربار سهند با سالها تجربه یکی از تخصصی ترین و معتبرترین شرکت های حمل هوایی و دریایی بین المللی در ایران است. شرکت فریت بار و کارگو سپهربار سهند وسایل و لوازم شما را با بالاترین کیفیت، کمترین قیمت و بهترین امکانات به هرجا که بخواهید ارسال می کند. همچنین این شرکت خدمات فریت بار به هلند، Freight to Italy، Freight to England و… را نیز ارائه می دهد.

Important points about shipping to Canada

  1. Sending cargo to Canada (personal cargo or cargo freight to Canada) for immigrants, students, etc. is done at an affordable cost in a completely legal way through air freight to Canadian airports with low costs.
  2. Considering that the announced costs are appropriate for the type, Weight and Volume The load as well as the type of transport can be variable. (Detailed advice will save you from additional costs)
  3. Freight freight is much more economical than passenger freight, friends and relatives can send souvenirs and packages to a person living in Canada without restrictions.

Shipping to Canada and packing services

One of the most important stages of sending cargo to Canada is the packaging of goods according to the needs and standards of transportation. Standard packaging prevents damage to the cargo during transportation. On the other hand, non-standard packaging may be returned by the customs staff during acceptance at the country's customs and cannot complete the acceptance process. Sepehr Bar Sahand Company can provide services to our dear clients by providing any type of packaging that is completely standard and suitable for the goods.

final word

Freight یکی از روش های سریع برای ارسال وسایل شخصی و منزل به کشور کانادا است و به شما این امکان را می دهد تا با هزینه کمتر، وسایل خود را به کانادا ارسال کنید. امیدواریم توانسته باشیم اطلاعات مؤثری در خصوص فریت بار به کانادا را در اختیارتان بگذاریم.


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