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Freight to Australia

Freight to Australia

همانطور که میدانید برای اضافه بار مسافر هزینه نسبتاً زیادی دریافت می‎شود. همچنین وسایل و لوازم خانه به مقدار زیاد را نمی‎توان از فرودگاه مبدا با خود به مقصد برد. بهترین و راحت ترین راه استفاده از فریت بار مسافری از طریق شرکت های حمل و نقل هوایی است. Freight مسافری به شما پیشنهاد می‎شود، زیرا این امکان را به شما می‎دهد تا به راحتی مقدار زیادی از وسایل شخصی و خانگی خود را با پاسپورت گمرک پایانه صادراتی بار به کشور استرالیا ارسال کنید.

Shipping methods to Australia

Sending cargo to other countries is done in three ways:

  1. terrestrial : Australia is a country surrounded by oceans and seas. Because this country is an island and does not have a land border with other countries, it is not possible to send goods by land.
  2. by air : Among these three ways of sending cargo, the air route is considered to be the most optimal route in terms of time and cost. For shipping goods weighing 45 to 1000 kg, the air method is more suitable. In general, a large part of the export and import of household goods to Australia is done by air freight method.
  3. marine : If you want to send heavy items such as: furniture, dining table, etc., loads weighing more than 2000 kg to Australia, the sea method will be more economical for you.

Freight procedures to Australia

  • Contact Sepehrbar Sahand International Transport Company
  • Specialized packaging of your cargo
  • Cargo transfer from your home or company to the airport
  • Preparation and completion of passenger freight documents
  • Obtaining necessary permits for freight to Australia
  • Carrying out customs formalities to send goods to Australia
  • Issuance of bill of lading, reservation and issuance of freight insurance policy to Australia
  • Delivery of bill of lading and other documents to the customer and account settlement

Documents required for passenger freight to Australia

  • Original passport of sender and receiver
  • Original national card
  • Copy of ticket
  • Complete address of sender and recipient
  • load list

Freight cost to Australia

بر اساس محدوده های وزنی کالا، هزینه Freight به استرالیا فرق می‎کند. عواملی که بر قیمت ارسال بار فریت تاثیر گذارند، مانند: شهر مقصد، نوع بسته بندی، حجم و وزن بار، ایرلاینی که برای وسایل خود انتخاب کرده ‎اید، پالت محموله و قوانین خاص کشور مبدأ و مقصد.

Loads are divided into four categories based on weight:

  • Loads up to 45 kg
  • Between 45 and 100 kg
  • Between 100 and 300 kg
  • Loads more than 300 kg

Clearance and receipt of cargo at Australian airport customs

When the cargo is cleared by the destination customs, you must clear your goods within 48 hours after that, so that the storage fee is not charged to you. The customs will check all the documents of your cargo, so it is better that all the documents are complete and perfect. After that, your cargo will be inspected by an expert from the Australian Customs Department of Agriculture. The purpose of this inspection is to ensure the health of your cargo from any germs, fungi and insects. If you have packed your cargo in wooden packages, you must send the documents related to their spraying and disinfection along with the cargo documents. At the last stage, your packages are inspected by the X-Ray machine to determine whether what you stated in your bill of lading matches the cargo or not.

Prohibited goods for shipment to Australia

Sending some goods to Australia is prohibited or has restrictions, which include:

  1. Sending food to Australia: One of the most important prohibited goods to send to Australia is fruit, fresh vegetables and homemade food without commercial packaging. If food without commercial packaging is found in a passenger's luggage, it will be confiscated and you will have to pay a fine.
  2. Sending medicine to Australia: You can have medicine in your luggage only with a doctor's prescription and with special medicine packaging and only for use for 3 months.
  3. Sending flowers and plants to Australia: sending some live plants is prohibited and you must get permission from the Australian Ministry of Health. Even for sending plant seeds with commercial packaging, they are very strict.

Freight روشی کارآمد برای ارسال وسایل سنگین شما از یک کشور به کشوری دیگر است. اگر قصد مهاجرت دارید برای انتقال لوازم یا وسایل خود از فریت بار استفاده کنید. Sepehrbar Sahand International Transport Company با سال ها تجربه ای که دارد، این کار را به راحتی و امنیت لازم برای شما انجام خواهد داد. چنانچه در این مورد سوالی داشتید با متخصصین سپهربار در تماس باشید. همچنین این شرکت خدمات Freight to Turkiye، Freight to Qatar، Freight to China و… را نیز ارائه می دهد.


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