Freight to Oman

Freight to Oman

Freight به عمان از کشور ایران یکی از روش های متداول در حمل و نقل اضافه بار بشمار می رود:

Required documents to send cargo:

  • Valid invoices and customs documents
  • Necessary licenses
  • Certificate of conformity of products with the standards of Oman
  • Correct packaging

Adherence to packaging standards is very important, because it ensures that your cargo is protected in transit and in its original condition at the destination. When choosing an international shipping company, emphasis should be placed on a reputable company with experience in this field. Using nameless companies will cause future unfortunate events.
The weight and dimensions of the cargo are very important for delivery to the international shipping company. Your cargo must be transported within the limits set forth in the International Carriage Convention and in accordance with specific commercial pallets. The purpose of following these principles is to ensure the safety of your cargo during transportation. Doing these principles will help you get the best result in international shipping.

What is freight?

Basically, to send air cargo unaccompanied to a foreign country Freight they say; which is done in different ways depending on the type of goods, destination and amount. In the transportation industry, it is used for air, land, and rail transportation, and it is better for people who intend to migrate for a long time or who want to take household items with them, even students and travelers who have extra baggage. is to use freight. Freight is one of the services Sepehrbar Sahand International Transport Company and any natural or legal person can use it and it is also used for domestic destinations.

Oman freight

If you intend to immigrate or travel to Oman and you are faced with restrictions on carrying luggage or you have to carry extra luggage with you for any reason; Freight will come to your aid. In this situation, freight is one of the best and fast options for sending all your goods that you cannot take with you by passenger plane; In this method, your cargo will be sent to the destination country at a lower cost than passenger cargo.

In order to send air cargo to Oman in a legal and completely accurate manner, in accordance with the laws of the country and the international airport of origin and destination, in the fastest possible time and without problems, you must definitely work with a company like Sepehr Bar Sahand which is active in the field of international transportation, call and communicate with experts.

For this purpose, the company Sepehrbar Sahand, one of the best and most reliable companies in the field of transportation, is ready to serve you dear ones in a short time and with high quality, and we are by your side, our respected customers, in all stages of sending cargo or freight to Oman.

Steps and method of sending Oman freight

روش های مختلفی برای ارسال Freight عمان وجود دارد، یکی از سریع ترین آن ها حمل هوایی می باشد، ارسال بار هوایی علاوه بر سرعت از امنیت بالایی نیز برخوردار است و مناسب افرادیست که می خواهند در کوتاه ترین زمان ممکن محموله خود را جا به جا کنند.

For this purpose, follow the following steps:

  • Contact with Sepehr Bar company and communicate with experts

اولین مرحله برای ارسال بار به عمان دانش و آگاهی کامل از شرایط است، دانستن اینکه نوع بار شما چیست، برای مثال کالاهای ممنوعه و یا خطرناک، مجاز و یا غیر مجاز و مواردی از این قبیل، همچنین بررسی هزینه های مربوط به آن، روش حمل و بسته بندی و غیره.

  • Specialized freight packaging

One of the most important stages of shipping freight to Oman or anywhere else in the world is its packaging. Because without proper packaging, your goods will be damaged and you will suffer losses. A basic and correct packaging is of high quality, all kinds of bumpers and protectors, correct and appropriate arrangement, as well as the use of wooden or metal boxes.

  • Complete the required documents

To send freight to Oman, it is necessary to have a series of documents. including original and copy of passport, original national card, full address of sender and recipient, contact number and postal code of recipient, packing list, copy of sender's ticket and completion of relevant forms. Our experts are by your side; For more information about freight documents, contact Sepehr Bar Company.

  • Having the necessary permits

Some cargoes require special permits depending on the type of packaging and destination; Such as pesticide spraying certificate, international certificate, wooden box, etc. Each of which is different depending on the sensitivity of the destination country and the type of goods.

  • Carrying out freight customs duties

Customs formalities are the things that take place for the delivery and clearance of cargo at the airport of two countries, and they include all kinds of steps, including weighing the cargo, confirming the authenticity of the goods, checking by the customs officer, matching the documents for the legal exit of the cargo from the country. and entering the customs of Oman.

  • Issuance of bill of lading and freight insurance policy of Oman

One of the stages of sending freight to Oman is issuing a bill of lading to control the goods registered in the bill of lading and its compatibility with the cargo. The shipment after payment of the invoice, which is carried out by the sender or the cargo agent; It is ready to be delivered to the airline.

  •  Cargo inspection

One of the things that are checked before delivering the cargo to the airline is the tag, label and x-ray. In this section, all customer information, including name, address, and contact number, are included in the bill of lading, and each bill of lading is assigned a unique 11-digit number. which is installed on the load in the form of a tag along with the weight and quantity information, origin and destination of the load. After that, all cargo is inspected by X-ray machine and protected and kept in the customs warehouse until shipping. After the above steps, the cargo will be delivered to the relevant plane to be sent to Oman.

  • Valid international insurance policy

Issuance of the insurance policy is determined according to the value of the cargo. In this case, you should ask yourself how much your load is worth. According to your product list, the insurance policy is issued and translated. A valid insurance policy is necessary to prevent and compensate possible cargo losses.

  • Track and support cargo to destination

After sending the cargo to Oman and at the last stage, valuable customers can track the status of their cargo through Sepehr Bar company or the bill of lading number and check it at every stage.

Shipping cost to Oman

One of the most important points in the discussion of freight freight, which is of interest to travelers and immigrants; The cost of freight and its management. If you also intend to travel or immigrate to your desired destination, you must know about the cost so that you can manage them; Our consultants are ready to answer and advise you in this field.

Shipping costs vary depending on the type of cargo, its dimensions and weight. which includes the following:

  • Packaging cost
  • Delivery fee to the airport
  • Customs formalities
  • inventory
  • Discharge
  • Loading
  • Obtaining permits

Sending your freight to all cities in Oman

Sending your cargo in the shortest possible time and at a reasonable cost to all cities in Oman such as: Dakhlia, Al-Zahira, North Al-Batinah, South Al-Batinah, Al Burimi, Alwusta, North Al-Sharqiya, South Al-Sharqiya, Dhofar, Muscat, and Musandam. Sepehr Bar Sahand Company will send your freight in the shortest time with security and high speed.

final word

دراین مطلب سعی کردیم به طور جامع در مورد Freight به عمان و جزئیات آن صحبت کنیم. جهت کسب اطلاعات بیشتر و در صورت هرگونه سوال با ما تماس حاصل فرمایید؛ Sepehr Bar Sahand Co با کادری مجرب از کارشناسان و متخصصین ماهر برای خدمت به شما آماده است.همچنین این شرکت خدمات Freight to America، Freight to Finland ، فریت بار به آلمان و… را نیز ارائه می دهد.


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