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Sepehr Bar Sahand Air Cargo Services Company, by using the educated and experienced personnel in the international transportation industry, is able to provide all freight services by air, land and sea according to the needs of each customer. Sepehr Bar Sahand Company, having an official representative of reputable international airlines operating in Iran, has the ability to provide services such as: passenger freight ferries, commercial cargo shipping and specialized packaging. 

This collection with the lowest price and the fastest possible time of sending cargo to all parts of the world has been able to meet the numerous needs of air cargo service applicants. 

The company also tries to improve the diversity and quality level of its services by using up-to-date information, as well as improving the existing standards, in order to attract the trust and satisfaction of customers in this field more than before. Our main goal is to send the cargo at the most economical price in the fastest possible time to lead to sufficient confidence and a long-term relationship between us and our dear customers.






Email: info.sepehrbarsahand@gmail.com